Eco-friendly constructions

Eco friendly constructions

The Exhibition Industry is probably one of the most wasteful industries. has an awareness of how we impact our environment and ultimately the future of our children. We are committed and strive to make a difference on many levels:

conserve – reuse – reduce - recycle

Not only do we pay respect to production resources, we also endeavor to win over all our partners to the benefits of long-term thinking and sustainability. We always strive to practice green exhibit design by choosing recycled materials, re-use of stand design elements, graphics and energy saving lights. We, therefore, encourage our customers to use a custom designed stand in several elements, which can be used several times for different shows. This not only saves clients money, but it minimizes waste and environmental impact.

Overall is using environmentally friendly products. Rental furniture is mostly ordered onsite to avoid transportation. We even partner with competitors combining shipments, warehouses and resources in order to diminish the impact on the environment.

We negotiate with organizers the best stand location for our customers. Not only will they have the best possible location on the fairground but we also make sure that the design and materials of the stand can be used at several shows. While we always strive to conserve energy, water and other natural resources, it is not only important to us to comply with environmental regulations, but to do the right thing! And to provide a product and service our clients can feel good about.